For his newest single „Wine Me Up“, which Rolf Schnyder co-wrote with his long time co-writer Donna Aylor, he teamed up with Nashville singer Angela Hurt. In the last years Rolf produced a lot of instrumental music for Film/TV and his latest released singles and albums were instrumental productions. Now it was time to release a new song with vocals. Angela is a very well know Nashville singer and in her career she worked together with a lot of well known artists. Angela Hurt was hand picked by platinum producer, Ted Hewitt, for an artist he was working with. Unbeknownst to anyone at the time, they were working on what would soon be the Billboard #1 Country Album Debut by Rodney Atkins. Angela’s high harmony is easily recognizable on Atkins’ 2006 Billboard Song of the Year, “If You’re Going Through Hell.” Since then, she has contributed vocals on all six #1 singles for Curb Recording artist, Rodney Atkins, with sales in excess of 10 million records.

If you like pop/soul music  in a slowfunky touch then you’ll like “Wine Me UP”

The song is available on most download stores: