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In the last years we could build up some good relationships to the european country radios and other Radio stations . Whenever we had cuts we sent our songs to the radios here in Europe and we promote the artists who released our songs that way.

Music publishing is our main business, but we want to do more promotion work in the future also for ‚outside‘ artists. If you would like to know more about it feel free to contact us –

Here you’ll find more info about our Radio Promotion Service:

Liva Music – Radio Promotion Service

2020 Radio Promotion – We sent songs from these artists to the radios:

Dustin Steen –
Ethan Bell –
Yves Lewis –
Megan Barker –
Sarah Ashley –
Tori Martin –
DBK Country Radio –
Dan Knight –
Jenny Tolman –
Houston Bernard –
Dearling –
Brad McKinney –
Lenny Paquette
Darryl O’Donnel (songwriter Rick Burge)
Tanner Olsen Band –
Meg Pfeiffer –
Karen McDawn  –
Brian Shuck –
Treela –
Mike Nash –
Matt Westin –
Brenda Cay –
Rich Burge
Alan Markin –
W L Stone –
Marco Tansini –

Andreas Stone –
Global Tones –
Fraser Newcombe –
Freunde –
Third Degree Birnz –

March 2019 Promotion

CD Promotion:

January 2019 Promotion

November 2018 Promotion


October 2018 Promotion

Needle & Salt

April 2018 Promotion

Needle & Salt

November 2017 Promotion

Ry Bradley, Lizzy Jones, Hannah Richardson
Ashie Noey, James Stewart Keene

September 2017 Promotion

Hannah Richardson, Ry Bradley, Seven Loons, Rolf Schnyder

August 2017 Promotion

Ashie Noey, Ry Bradley, Songs from Gampel Music
Ry Bradley, Tony True, Seven Loons, Keith Duke,  Andy Martin

July 2017 Promotion:

Ashie Noey, Ry Bradley, Keith Duke

March 2017 Promotion

James Stewart Keene and Ashie Noey

Februar 2017 Promotion

Rolf Frischi, Rolf Schnyder

Here are the artists that we work with in the past:

Midnight Mantics – Kim Yarson – Mark Denny Preston – Deena – Tony True – Fraser Newcombe – Rolf Schnyder

 of course we also do promotion for the artists who cut our Songs!!

European Country Charts:

Australian Charts: