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I already sent the message below to a couple of bands in bas-valais.
It describes what I have in mind. Hopefully you’ll have the time to read it. If you have any questions feel free to contact me ->



Hi there…


My name is Rolf Schnyder and I’m a musician/songwriter/music publisher from Oberwallis.


I’m in progress to create spotify-playlist with music from Walliser Bands.

I don’t know the scene from bas-valais and I hope you can help me out.


Here is what I have in mind:

1) I already created these playlists:


Wallis – Valais – Music – Pop/Pop-Rock/Country

Wallis – Valais – Music – Rock, Hardrock, Metal, Punk, Ska

Wallis – Valais – Music – Schlager/Volksmusik

Wallis – Valais – Music – Jazz

Wallis – Valais – Music – Klassik

2) until 25 August I want to put the music from all the Walliser-Bands on it.

3) Each Band will have the same amount of songs on it …so it is fair! I will change the order of the songs each week. This way every band will be on top of the playlist sometime.

4) After 25. August I’ll start to promote these playlists as best as possible.

I see it like this:

We (independent bands and musicians) don’t have a lot of support here with the swiss radios…and I think we don’t support each other a lot.

If we have a playlist with a lots of bands on it and if every band push these playlists then we can profit from each other.

an example…as publisher I could place a song with Ashie Noey. Ashie is a new country artist. She don’t has a fanbase, she don’t has a band and she don’t play a lot of gigs. Her 3rd single “Love To Burn” has made it on an official Spotify Playlist and this week she reached 200’000 streamings!

I see it like this:

Let’s say I will have finally a playlist with 40 Bands. Each band has 5 member. Each member will reach 200 people who will listen to the playlist-> That mean …40x5x200=40’000 streamings.

40‘000 streamings will bring in 156$   (0.0039 pro streaming).

Well, that’s not a lot but… I think if spotify will see that an artist is doing well on spotify then the chances will be bigger that they put him/her or the band on a official playlist! And that’s the goal.

anyway….as I mentioned at the beginning …I don’t know a lot of bands in bas-valais.

I would appreciate it if you could forward this mail to the bands/singers from bas-valais that you know.
Or if you could send me a couple of addresses (website or email-addresses) of bas-valais-bands that you know then I’ll contact them.

They can send me their spotify link if they are interested. Here is my email-address:

Thanks a lot and best wishes,

Rolf Schnyder

P.S. Sorry, my french speaking is a bit limited ;o)