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Rolf Fritschi – Country Wave

We are happy to let you know that we have two songs on the new CD from swiss country artist Rolf Frischi.
Thanks a lot to the Songwriters:

Country Wave – Joe Hash / Bruce Michael Miller
Here For The Beer – Jeff Moxcey / Michael Max McGee

Rolf Fritschi Country Wave_400

Single release: James Stewart Keene – “Can’t Put You Down”

We are happy to let you know about the single release from australian country artist James Stewart Keene. He just released his new single  “Can’t Put You Down”

Thanks a lot to the songwriters…Michael Max McGee, Scott Miller, Lee Johnson…for the great song!!james-stewart-keene-cant-put-you-down

The song is available now on ituens! Here is the link -> itunes-link

Midnight Mantics

We are happy to welcome Midnight Mantics to Liva Music.
We will promote them here in Europe

Information in german -> midnight-mantics


Siana King – Single-> Zip Zero Nada Nothing

“Zip Zero Nada Nothing” is the new single from Las Vegas based Country Artist Siana King,
We are happy to be part of it as co-publisher.
The song is available on amazon


Kenichi Tamura – Paul

 We are happy to welcome Kenichi Tamura and Paul to our sync-licensing program.


USA – Placements – Film/TV

Several songs that our writer Rolf Schnyder wrote, produced or co-wrote, were used in TV-Shows or Films in USA.

collage-2016-09-17-09_46_32 collage-2016-09-17-09_47_34 collage-2016-09-17-09_48_17 collage-2016-09-17-09_49_13 collage-2016-09-17-09_51_05

Vocal House Various 2015 – Sampler

Our song “B’Bang Bang” – Fun Factory ….. were released on this sampler:

“Vocal House Various 2015 – Sampler (2CD)”

It is available with or direct with the label -> Linkvocal house


Two instrumental songs written and produced by Liva Music writer Rolf Schnyder were used in the NBC shows “SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE” (TRACY MORGAN DEMI LOVATO) and “LAST CALL WITH CARSON DALY” (TERRY GILLIAM GOLDROOM PHOEBE ROBINSON)
NBC Liva Music News

Kim Yarson – igroove

Die CD Joy von Kim Yarson ist nun auch auf erhältlich.

Hört doch mal rein!

Wir freuen uns auf die Zusammenarbeit mit Kim!


Kim Yarson - Joy - 1400x1400

„Joy is full on singer/songwriter album with combination of rock, country, pop and blues overtones and her sound is a cross between Alanis Morrisette and Martina McBride.“