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You are looking for Music for your film/video/ad? Here you will find out about what we can offer you.

Or please contact us and let us know about what you need and then we will send you some samples.

Music for your film or your project

As music publisher we work together with over 100 songwriters. Some of them are very well known hit-songwriters from Nashville and New York. A lot of these songwriter let produce their demos in professional record studios in Nashville with some of the best Nashville session players. These songwriters are taking care that they also get the rights on the production. The demos cost more but then the songwriters also own the rights on the production and that will open them the option to place their songs in Film/TV. And exactly here we want to take a role as middleman between songwriter and film-producers. We are sure that we could find the right track(s) for your project in a short time. samples
As recrod label we have several artists under contract (Alina Duwe, Cool Clover, Rolf Schnyder) and we have all the rights on these productions and songs and we can offer these songs for licencing. We are also trying to work with singer/songwriter so that we can place their songs here in Europe in the Film/TV business. We could sign a first deal with US-singer/songwriter Kim Yarson ( Here you can listen and download music from these artists: Alina Duwe - Cool Clover - Kim Yarson
We started a collaboration with the canadien Royalty Free Music Library GrooveDen. For smaller projects it is mostly easier to use cost effective royalty free music.The licences from GrooveDen starts with 39$. You can listen, purchase and download music direct from their website. If you are looking for music for you next project then we invite you to visite our page. We are sure that you will find the right music with us. You'll find more infos here! We offer you a welcome-discount. It is valid until 18. March 2016 Discount code: welcome10 Here you will find more infos
Liva Music is also a music production company and we can produce music for your projects in a short time. Her you will find some Tracks that we produced. These tracks are already under contract with libraries in USA, but we can produce similar sounding tracks for you in a short time. Please let us know what you need and we will produce music for you (without any obligation...if you like it then it's good, if not then it's no problem for us ;o) samples